Communicating about money can make your relationship stronger than ever.

Learn Healthy Communication Skills In

Personalized, Guided Exercises

Communication isn't just what you say. 

It's also how you say it.

There's an unexpected opportunity to enrich your relationship and it's hiding in your everyday habits. The Enriched Couples app helps you turn habits into your relationship superpower. 


The app is currently in private testing with couples in the US by invitation.

Created By Two (Nerdy) Millennial Behavior Therapists

  We blended proven techniques with innovative research to form a new methodology.

Headshot of Annette Miller, Cofounder and CEO of Enriched Couples

Annette Miller (she/her)

Cofounder and CEO

Masters in Counseling Psychology

Headshot of Michael May, Cofounder and Chief Wellness Officer of Enriched Couples

Michael May (he/him)

Cofounder and Chief Behavior Officer

Licensed Professional Counselor

Michael and Annette are each married and also understand this challenge first-hand

(Fun fact: The officiant in the wedding image below is Michael's husband!)

How The App Works

Measure stress, happiness, and habits

current relationship habits and what makes you happy

attitude about and history with money

financial stress and confidence with money

Improve habits together while increasing trust 

reflect on core personal values and concerns about money

learn healthy communication skills for talking about those concerns and values

practice using new skills in guided exercises

Set and track unified goals

track relationship habits over time

unify financial goals for a shared vision

prioritize saving and spending that aligns with values


The app is currently in private testing with couples living in the US and by invitation.

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